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Red Menace @ Blues GDT

We all know the Blues got their butts handed to them last night in Colorado. We're mostly a pessimistic group when it comes to the second game of consecutive nights. We all know the Red Wings give the Blues fits when they let their guard down.

So I see this thing happening two ways. Either the Blues come out and blow the doors off the Wings and show some resiliency after a bad loss. Or they come out and play like shit. I really don't see much middle ground. You?

I'm glad I'm not going tonight. It's cold. It's snowy. It's windy. I hate going to Detroit games when they lose. Can you tell we might be a little pessimistic tonight?

If the Blues want to prolong the charade of trying for the playoffs, a win tonight is essential. Even with a victory, hopes are dim and the trade deadline approaches quickly with just three games after tonight before March 3.

That's it. I'm beaten down. I am Chris Mason's shattered confidence.

This is your game day thread. You know the magic words.