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Monday Links: Congratulations, Silver Medalists David Backes and Erik Johnson Edition

Sure, the American men's team wasn't expected to medal. Sure, they beat Canada in the prelims. And yeah, silver medals are pretty nice, I imagine.

But I'll be damned if that loss didn't rekindle a feeling of letdown I hadn't felt since Yzerman's 2OT goal in '96. Shit, now I just made myself sad again. I'm certainly proud of the USA hockey team, but to get that close and...damn.

Also, Sid the Kid joins a list with the likes of Dany Heatley and Steve Yzerman (among others) on it. Enjoy your new middle name, Sidney Fuckin' Crosby.

Blues News:

NHL/Olympic News:

Other Stuff:


Blues try to climb back into the playoffs starting tomorrow night. Let's hope there's some more highlight reel stuff like this.

And maybe railroading a goalie or two.

After one hell of an Olympic run, welcome back to NHL hockey. Stay tuned for your March wallpaper and a welcome back message from Brad.

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