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Blues @ The Other New York Team

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It's got to suck to be an Islanders fan.

Unless you're in your mid- to late-30s, there's no way you remember when your favorite team was at its best winning four Stanley Cups in the early 1980s. Ownership has fluctuated from criminal and incompetent to questionable at best. There's the whole Rick DiPietro 15-year contract. The general manager sounds like a character from Wayne's World. The home arena is hands down the worst in the entire NHL. And with three former first-round picks among the top scorers on the team, they can only manage 14th place in the weaker Eastern Conference.

Islanders least we don't wear the fish stick fisherman uniforms anymore!

So it feels like it's bee awhile since the Blues blew up at Colorado last weekend. It was just a week ago that they were one point out of the final playoff spot. Then Calgary and Detroit kept playing. And winning. And now the Blues are back down in 11th spot, six points out of the playoffs. And even with the sizable layoff, the Blues only have one game in hand.

In other words, the Blues could really use two points tonight. They must have two points tonight. If they don't get two points tonight, the sky is falling, the river is rising, the end is near. Please enjoy our friend Dominik at Lighthouse Hockey. He's a St. Louis guy with an Islanders problem. And he has commenters now!

It's an early 6 p.m. CST game time on the Island. So grab some grub, turn the game on and start tearing shit up. This is your game day thread. Act like it's important.