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Friday links: Two points is two points even if they come in a gimmick edition

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Thursday games. Games we want: Thrasher over Columbus, Minnesota over Detroit (again on principal), Ottawa over Cal and Gary, San Jose over Nashville, and ... St. Louis over New York. Results we got: Columbus over Atlanta, Detroit over Minnesota, Cal and Gary over Ottawa, San Jose over Nashville and St. Louis over New York. Two out of five ain't bad. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Friday games we want: Nashville over Anaheim, Buffalo over Minnesota and LA over Dallas. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Steven Stamkos is awesome. [ESPN]
  • Marc Savard is done ... for the year. [ESPN]
  • Bill Guerin says hits to the head are not good. [ESPN]
  • Team America goalie Jonathan Quick has left the Kings for the birth of his first child. [TSN]
  • Some of the best Chelios is old jokes. [Cult of Hockey]
  • Davis Payne, among others, is younger than Chris Chelios. [Sports Crackle Pop]
  • Some guy picks the city most worthy to win the cup. San Jose over St. Louis? Really random guy? [Sporting News]

Other links


Cross Check Raise sends along an interesting video. I enjoy the cold ... sometimes ... but holy shit does this not look like fun.

Finally NatetheGreat reminded me of this great video last night. It's not really safe for work and it's kinda fucked up, but it makes me laugh. I hope you enjoy.

Hope you pass those stones soon, Nate.

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