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Sunday Links: Cam Janssen finally rolls doubles edition

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We've had a lot of obscure references since I've been a part of Game Time but this might be the first ever Monopoly reference.

Welcome back to the lineup, Cam. Or welcome back to the press box, Cam.

Actually, just enjoy getting the paycheck again, Cam.

Blues News:

NHL News:

  • Doug Weight is done for the year. Will that be it for his career? We'll find out in the offseason.
  • Another former Blues player making headlines: Lee Stempniak with a multi-goal game for PHX. Toronto must be piiiiiiiiissed.
  • And just because it helped beat Chicago, let's all read about a last second goal by Chris Pronger for the Flyers.
  • Scores. We didn't get much help with that Detroit win.
  • Standings. Right now, we're 5 points out. At least we can count the deficit on one hand now!
  • Schedule. Root for LA over Nashville, Vancouver over Calgary, and for no overtime in the Colorado/Dallas contest. Detroit has the day off.

Other Stuff:


Happy Pi Day!

Mmmmm, pie

Stay tuned for Prospect Sunday. And don't even act like you're not coming back for the GDT.

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