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Blues @ Wilds GDT

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The Blues are playing less than 24 hours since their last game in Columbus, a 5-1 victory last night. After the game they'll be flying home. So here's to hoping they don't have dreams of their own luxurious beds instead of those hard, creaky uncomfortable four-star hotel beds they've been crashing in for the past few days on the road.

Word from the Fox Sports Midwest Twitter feed is that Keith Tkachuk will be back in the lineup for the first time since pinkie surgery during the Olympic break last month. Cam Janssen is also available to return to action after his five-game suspension ran its course last night. So some familiar faces might be injecting a little life into the roster. Or either one could be rusty and not really ready to play.

With Detroit off tonight, the Blues could pick up two points and close the gap to three games. Or not. Who knows.

What I do know is that the Wild are a team the Blues have beaten and should beat. St. Louis has a little momentum, all the motivation they could need with this playoff chase and the added incentive that the flight home to St. Louis could be really fun if they don't shit the bed.

There are a few Sunday games left on the season, this being the first of them. Hopefully you're rested, sobered up, un-hungover. Whatever. There's the unveiling of that basketball tournament going on soon too, but the Blues are fighting for their playoff survival. Keep your priorites in place, people.

This is your game day thread. You don't shit the bed either.