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Avalanches @ Blues GDT

Thankfully tonight is the last game of the season against the young and surprising Colorado Avalanche. In case you haven't noticed, they've kicked the ass of the Blues every game this season so far. There was the 4-0 loss at home in early December. Then in early February the Blues lost at Colorado 5-2. Then last week the Avs absolutely throttled the Blues 7-3, also in Denver. I felt the game wasn't even that close in the third meeting. To save you from taking your socks off to count, that's a combined 16-5 score for the Avalanche. Horrible.

I'm going to write about one player and one player only for Colorado: Chris Stewart. You might remember he scored the hat trick last week with the third goal coming on a penalty shot. Don't remember that happening against the Blues before. He has six goals and four assists in the three games. Disgusting. That's 10 of his 55 points on the season thanks to St. Louis. Horrific. Last year during his rookie season, he only netted one goal and no assists in three games against the Blues. Now I rarely if ever put a real bounty on a player's head, but if Cam Janssen doesn't mind risking another suspension...well let's just say Chris should probably keep his head up tonight. Every second on the ice. Even during warmups.

The Blues need a win tonight against a team they have yet to beat this year. Sounds like the Blues have the Avalanche right where they want them. Holy jumpin' indeed.

This is the first home game for the Blues since Feb. 13. A lot of crap has happened since then. After that win against Washington, the Blues were just three points out of the last playoff spot after showing up Alex Ovechkin and his team here at the Drinkscotch Center. And Ovechkin wasn't even seen as an Olympic failure or a suspended cheap shot artist. Let's see, Lee Stempniak was a Leaf and irrelevant. Aaron Palushaj was still a member of the organization while Paul Kariya and Brad Boyes were on the trade block. And we all still had Corey Haim with us. You're probably as emotional about it as I am.

This is your passed on child star game day thread. Comment like you're Todd Bridges.