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Wednesday links: The St. Patrick's Day edition

I think the Blues made me sick. I was feeling fine, the Blues lost and then I threw up on the sidewalk on my walk home from work. Damn Blues.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Tuesday's games. Blues needed: Blues over Avs, Philly over Nashville, San Jose over Dallas and Edmonton over Minnesota. Results: Avs over Blues, Nashville over Philly, Dallas over San Jose, Minnesota over Edmonton. Good times. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Wednesday's games: Colorado over Calgary and Chicago over Anaheim, not like it matters at this point. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Steve Downie was fined, but not suspended for taking out Sidney Crosby. But the league always favors Sid ... [ESPN]
  • Alex Ovechkin apologizes, but let's be honest, he's probably not very sorry. [ESPN]
  • Tyler Seguin is the new No. 1 prospect. [TSN]
  • The game-winning puck from the gold-medal game has a new home. [CTV]

Other links

  • Chris Gift wants to drop some knowledge on you. Take one: St. Patrick's Day. [Wikipedia]
  • Take two: Ancient Order of Hibernians. [Wikipedia]
  • For the hat trick ... Take three: Saint Patrick. [Wikipedia]
  • Our resident Irishmen, Donut King, shares a drink recipe to celebrate today. [Drink Mixer]
  • From Donut King: "And finally, a Wikipedia history on the most infamous thing ever to come out of Ireland. Yeah, I went there." [Wikipedia]
  • A friend of a friend of J-Mill's started a blog where people submit ugly faces. It's a shame I won't be able to submit anything to this site. [ThrowAnUgly]


Donut King presents Dropkick Murphys for St. Patty's Day.

gametimelinks(at) Now I'm going to bed.