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David Backes Wants Your A. Among Other Things.

In a story widely reported this week, veteran Blues forward Keith Tkachuk returned to the lineup from injury this week only to find that the A that designates his alternate/assistant captaincy on the team would not be returned to him. The A had made a jump from his inactive jersey onto the shoulder of David Backes and, simply put, it wasn't leaving.

And who are we to blame that A? If David Backes told us to stay in the corner, we'd likely stay in the corner until we shatted ourselves. For his part, Tkachuk didn't seem too off-put by the non-return of the A, either because Big Walt figures he's already lost enough teeth this year or because he already knows that his NHL career is coming to a close.

But this got us thinking, If David Backes wants your A so he takes your A, what else could he claim as his own without much of a struggle?

Backes_medium Hey, Oshie. I want your vote for mayor.


 Oshie_medium Yes sir, your Honor.




Backes_medium Hey Janssen. All of your posse are belong to us.

 Janssen_cam_medium Damn, man. Look, posse, you all roll with Backes now.

 Funny_medium OK, boss.

Backes_medium Hey Kesler, Mr. Funny Fucking Trash Talk. Your ass is mine.

3513_medium You know, after being roomies at the Olympics, that's kinda already true.

Backes_medium Prison rules, bitch.

3513_medium Yes, Daddy.




Backes_medium Mason. Beard. Now.

 Aw, hell.

 Ahhh. That's better.

Chris Mason" border="0" /> Sucks.




Backes_medium Hey Toews!





Backes_medium  Hey Brewer.

100101001111001010111001. Who likes binary code humor?Zeep Zop Zoop.

Backes_medium I'm not even going to tell you I want it yet. I just want you to know that it's mine and I'm just letting you keep it for now.

100101001111001010111001. Who likes binary code humor?Zoop. Zalot.

Backes_medium You're welcome. I figure you don't have that much left to hold on to anyway.

100101001111001010111001. Who likes binary code humor?Zeeeeeeeeeeeeem.

Backes_medium But make no mistake, Brewerbot. It's mine. I'll keep you updated.

100101001111001010111001. Who likes binary code humor?Zoop. Zoop.