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Blues at Rangers GDT

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A week ago today the Blues were on Long Island to take on the Islanders. Tonight, the Note is at the world famous Madison Square Garden for a tilt with the Rangers.

The Rangers, like most Eastern Conference teams, are a mystery to me. I can tell you something about almost any West team. But the East? No dice.

Here's what I know: They have coach who likes to swear a lot. They have Sean Avery. They have Henrik Lundqvist who, according to my sources, goes by Hank. And that's about it.

Like every game from here on out, this one is a must win for the Blues. If St. Louis is going to pull another playoff berth out of its ass, it has to start tonight. The Blues need to play like their collective asses are on fire. If not, it's another early exit.

This is your Game Day Thread. Chat about life, hockey, and your playoff hopes.

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