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Friday links: Celebrating Mike Weaver's goal by trying to grow an awesome beard edition

Mike Weaver scores a goal a short time after Matt Walker potted two. It's a great time to be a journeyman defenseman.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Thursday's games. What we wanted: St. Louis over NYR, Nashville over Minnesota and Philly over Dallas. We got: STL over NYR, Nash over Minne and Philly over Dallas. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Friday games. We want: San Jose over Calgary, Edmonton over Detroit, C-Bus over Minne and the Isles over the Ducks. [Yahoo Sports]

  • Boston got revenge on Matt Cooke for his hit on Marc Savard ... kinda. [ESPN]
  • The Phoenix Coyotes have set a franchise record for wins. Yet another team that has passed the Blues. [TSN]
  • The Blackhawks are doing just fine with a depleted d-corps. [TSN]
  • James Wisniewski gets eight games for his hit on Brent Seabrook. I think it's fair for his cheap shot, but not fair in the context of the other fines/suspensions tossed around this season. [TSN]

Other links

  • Should I be proud that I got a 7-out-of-10 on the movie fart quiz? [Liquid Generation]
  • The Mona Lisa has long needed a makeover. [Top Cultured]
  • Who knew an abandoned amusement park would be so haunting? Don't worry, Cam Janssen, this Six Flags isn't the Eureka one. [theChive]


I've often said, that the one thing in the Ninja Turtles movies is swearing. Someone has made my dream come true. I think you'll agree, it's better.

It's Friday that means tomorrow is the freakin' weekend which means Poor College Student is going to be here to have some fun. Send some links to gametimelinks(at)