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You Write The Comedy: He Just Got Oshied Edition

So when we complained about the timing of the Olympic break, we thought that taking two weeks off would cool the Blues down. They had three straight wins including a huge victory over Washington in the skills competition. There's no way they could carry that momentum through Florida vacations and a week of practice, right?


When the Blues took the ice in Phoenix Tuesday night, they looked fresh, synched up and ready to go. They scored two in the first after giving up the first goal of the game and three more in the second. They scored five straight goals in the game pretty much crushing the will of the Coyotes. And speaking of crushing the Coyotes, that's what T.J. Oshie did to Ed Jovanovski in the neutral zone. Jovo had his head down, Oshie moved in with his short hair giving him an aerodynamic advantage and he absolutely blew up the veteran defenseman. Oshie's helmet crunched Jovo's nose to add injury to insult. It was pretty sweet.

And so here we are at the trading deadline hearing rumors that Brad Boyes is available for the right amount of athletic tape and used pucks, Paul Kariya may have said he won't waive his no-movement clause, Keith Tkachuk's injury makes him untradeable and the Blues need Chris Mason too much with the team knocking on the playoff door. The Blues might not make a deal at the deadline for the first time in recent memory. We'll be around all day Wednesday. So make sure you check in.

In the meantime, tell us commenters, what's really happening in the photo at the top? What's being said? Let us know down below.