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One Is Enough: Blues Win In Jersey

Gonna have to be an abbreviated wrap-up tonight, but thankfully the Devils made it easy to wrap this one up quickly:

  • I'm really glad that the Devils are not my team. Sure it is an effective brand of hockey, but I haven't seen an exciting game out of that team in a long, long time.
  • Cam Janssen returns to play the team that drafted him and then did him the favor of trading him home to St. Louis and says "Thank You Fans" by putting on a display with a fight that went on for two and a half minutes. That is an absolute marathon of a bout. Props to Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Lablond for getting the edge in the fight and for managing to stay with Cam Smash the whole way. Nice work on the marathon of a name, too, P-L L-L.
  • Have to say it: Janssen seems to have a role here and he definitely contributes to the value of our entertainment dollars with those fights, but Bryce Salvador would still look pretty good in a Bluenote.
  • Well, that didn't take long. Within minutes of Ty Conklin's hard-earned road shutout I received my first "Is Conklin the new number 1?" email. It was a great performance, 29 saves worth, but Chris Mason and his beard will still likely get almost all of the starts the rest of the way. The season ends with another back-to-back and that'll probably be the next time we see Conklin short of a Mason implosion. That said, please, please, please do not let games like this make management think, "Maybe we should sign a good backup next summer and just let Conklin be our new starter." Seriously. Please. We need a starter this summer. Seriously. I beg of you.
  • Blues win and gain two points in the standings. Nashville also wins and is 10 points up on St. Louis. We can officially close the book on the "We need to catch Nashville" theory. It's going to have to be Detroit and Calgary that the Blues need to slip past.
  • Alex Steen nose how to fire the freaking lazer. This thing is simply silly, not just in its speed and accuracy, but look at where he shoots it from:


Predators here tomorrow and it's the free food game down at the DrinkScotch. Are you ready for some redneck and fat jokes? Because they're coming. Oh, they are coming.