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Sunday Links: Brad Boyes for 3rd string goalie edition

With a desperation stop like that, he could have a career revival by keeping pucks out of his own net if this whole "shoot the puck in the other team's net" thing doesn't work out.

Blues News:

NHL News:

  • The head-shot rule, the return of Coyotes ownership woes, and Canada's consideration for "Coach Gretzky" at the World Championships all in Pierre LeBrun's latest entry.
  • Manny gets himself hurt. Nobody tell Carnie.
  • Even Cam Neely is questioning the Bruins
  • Scores. Vancouver's helping us out midway through the 2nd with a 2 goal lead on blowing of a 2 goal lead opened the door for Detroit, Columbus hurts us by letting Nashville pull one out in OT, and Ottawa did nothing for us by letting Dallas win. LA wins over NYI.
  • Schedule. We want Minnesota over Calgary (and no overtime, dammit!),  Phoenix over Dallas, and Colorado over Anaheim (Definitely no OT).
  • Standings

Other Stuff:


In case you missed it or want another look at it, here's the marathon fight between Janssen and Pierre-Luc Letourneau LeBlond. In case you're wondering, Pierre-Luc will not be appearing on my All-Name Team.

Chris Gift sends along this beauty. CHRIS HOLT!

Get ready to chow down with some Prospect Sunday, followed by the GDT.

Averagejoe will be back to link you through the Monday to Friday grind. Send him whatever you've got to gametimelinks (at)