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Tuesday links: Giving up on scoreboard watching edition

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Monday's results. Wings beat Penguins. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Tuesday's games. I'm not going to do scoreboard watching with the Blues now eight points out. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Jeff Carter is hurt, snapping his consecutive game streak at 286 games. [ESPN]
  • The NHLPA is considering an interim head shot rule. [ESPN]
  • Taylor or Tyler — who goes No. 1? [TSN]
  • The Sharks are trying something new this year — choking BEFORE the playoffs start. [Fear the Fin]
  • A look at the faceoff circle and the guys who are good at taking draws. No Mike Eastwood? [Behind the Net]
  • The Islanders lack size. Side note: I will link to anything that takes a shot at Adam Creighton. Fuck that guy. [Lighthouse Hockey]

Other links

  • Life is depressing and kids need to learn that. The best way to teach them this lesson? Depressing books. [10 Zen Monkeys]
  • I'm not trying to open a can or religious worms, but I found this guys description of the flier pretty funny. [27bslash6]
  • Who knew a magazine could do so much damage? (Ads may be a little not safe for work) [Nothing Toxic]


EDIT: Looks like I forgot the video. My bad. I'll do two tomorrow.