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03/24 Road Music: @ Detroit Red Wings

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Despite Dan's excellent work demonstrating that we're still in the hunt, I have to feel that Nashville collapse bed-shitting was the last nail in the coffin for our playoff drive. So what now?

Now, the Blues have to play for themselves. Are these last couple of weeks going to be spent in self-pity, or are they going to nut up and play the way they should have all along? From now until the end of the season, we are going to see a clear picture of the character of this team. Additionally, they are now playing for each other; some might be playing for an off-season free-agent contract, or an offer sheet, or simply playing the last games of their career.

As for the rest of the league, we have nothing left but the role of spoiler. Let it begin tonight. Detroit's ticket for the playoffs hasn't been punched, yet. Why not make that path a little more difficult? Why not kick a little ass (or in Holmstrom's case, a lotta ass)?

That is all. Just  Kick Out The Jams / MC5

(note 1 - LuvHockey, you're going to want to mute this one if kids are around) (Note 2 - Like last week, you can click on the song to hear it, or go to my site HERE)

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We own the season series already, by the way, with 4 wins. The 5th would be gravy. I like gravy. The Wings have earned points in 6 straight games, though, and is healthier than they've been most of the year. We have no reason to be cocky until the game's over. In fact, any day now, someone's going to flip the switch in Osgood's ass (you don't want to know how) that turns him into a decent goaltender again. Until then, they've been riding Jimmy Howard, who seems to have risen to the challenge. His confidence is surely growing. We'll need to do something about that.

Puck drops at 6:30 PM St Louis time, the GDT will be up shortly before then. Until that time, start gettin' your hate on. Follow this young man's example: