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Wednesday links: Now with video edition

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Sinus issues left me a little off last night. Thought I was done and ready for bed, but I was not. Sorry about a video-less day. But cheer up, it's Blues/Red Wings day!

Blues news

  • Blues vs. Red Wings tonight. [Sporting News]
  • The Red Wings have had a terribly disappointing season, and are still ahead of the Blues in the playoff race. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • The one season the Blues dominate the Red Wings — 4-0-1 this season against the Winged Wheel — the Note decides to not beat up on everyone else. [St. Louis Globe-Democrat]
  • Cam Janssen: Career maker? []

Hockey news

Other links

  • Joe Biden would fit in quite nicely around these parts. I love that our Vice President, who has a sweet name, talks like all — well, most of us. [Guardian]
  • This is really, really stupid but I laughed hard. Some rap fans debate the merits of washing your ass in the sink. [Rap Music Board]
  • Older people recreate old photographs with interesting results. [young me now me]


It's Blues vs. Red Wings, which means I gotta show my favorite Blues video.

More after the jump.

I would watch this movie. Then again, I'm a nerd.

Greatest video on the internet? I think so.