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Blues @ Red Menace GDT

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Wouldn't it be awesome if the Blues were like one point behind the Red Wings in the chase for the eighth and final playoff spot? It would.

But it's not.

Instead the Blues are trying to prolong their mathematical elimination while the Wings are trying to stave off the Flames and maybe move up in the standings and give another high seed in the playoffs heartburn in the first round of the playoffs.

The Blues have played really well against Detroit this year (4-0-1) with this the final meeting. Remember back to the heady first days of October when the Blues celebrated with pickled herring and Ikea with a two-game sweep of Detroit in Sweden. And then they came home to the Drinkscotch Center and lost the first of many, many, many absolutely too many games. And a pattern would soon form where over a couple games the Blues looked like that team that everyone wrote down in ink pen as making the playoffs. And then there have been the home games for the most part.

This is the final meeting between Detroit and St. Louis this season. Comment like you won't have the chance to say Fuck Detroit for another SEVEN MONTHS.

This is your game day thread. Break shit.