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Blues Fall Again Behind Shaky Goaltending

Short and sweet tonight, kiddos, Dad's got work to do. And drinks to drink.

  • The Blues' goaltending sucks. Not sucks like can't win games and should be in the AHL sucks, but more like can't win games when they need them, let in way, way too many soft goals sucks. I could make a case for that all three of the goals scored tonight were avoidable. Don't ask me how this gets remedied, but clearly the official policy of signing UFA over-achieving backups from other cities to be the starter in St. Louis is not working.
  • That said, the Red Wings clearly had some knowledge about Ty Conklin's apparently perpetual case of the yips when pucks get flipped in from beyond the blueline. They tried it a few times and it worked for a big goal once.
  • Where has that Paul Kariya been for the last three years?
  • Red Wings fans seem to think that their team is feared by all of the higher playoff seeds and that other teams are tanking games to avoid a first round matchup with Detroit. Yeah, right. Keep dreaming the dream, bandwagon, but this team is a far cry from the powerhouse they once were. Clearly, everyone hopes to draw the self-fellating Sharks and their jinx Dany Heatley in the first round, but no one is actively trying to avoid the Wings.

Speaking of teams that no one wants in the playoffs, the L.A. Kings are in tomorrow for our viewing pleasure. Can't wait to see what kind of soft goal gets scored against Chris Mason....