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Los Angeles Princesses @ Blues GDT

These last game day threads are not exactly writing themselves.

Seriously, what am I going to write in this space that will make you want to comment during the game against the Kings tonight? If I mention the Kings have pretty much sucked since they traded Gretzky 14 years ago and that them making the playoffs is like the Washington Nationals making the playoffs, that's only going to piss you off.

You don't care how good Anze Kopitar is or how bad Jonathan Quick is. You don't care that L.A. lost in a shootout last night in Colorado. None of that will make the season end better or extend it into the playoffs.

Look at it this way. We have a couple weeks left to "enjoy" Blues hockey. The guys are still playing hard. They don't want to lay down and die. So we've got that to hang our hats on. And guys should be thinking about playing for their jobs for next year. And young guys like Jonas Junland and Lars Eller are gaining important NHL experience. Hey wait a second...

Every Blues game is precious, right? So accept this one for what it is: a late season game against a boring team with no history with the Blues on a rainy, cold night in St. Louis. Commenting might actually make you feel better. So comment like staving off a third-period collapse depends on it. This is your game day thread. Heat it up and warm your hands around it.