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Welcome To Game Time's New Internet Video Friends

Meet Justin, left, and Dink. The bottle on the far right? Jagermeister. It makes friends with the shot glasses on the table.
Meet Justin, left, and Dink. The bottle on the far right? Jagermeister. It makes friends with the shot glasses on the table.

Here at Game Time, we admit we're a little different.

Some sports blogs are asking for press passes and doing a bunch of prospect interviews on a regular basis (well one department around here is) and doing professional-sounding podcasts and other things. Meanwhile we come up with ways to get our readers to do crazy shit, write fake dialogue for players about blowing the jobs and basically try to keep ourselves entertained. Sometimes our comedy is a hit. Other times it's just laughing. And that's OK.

Every once in awhile, we find kindred spirits on the Internet and we try to bring them on board with us to create a unique visitor experience. In other words, we like putting the funniest shit on the Internet on here. Our link boys do that, but sometimes we like to hitch our wagon to other people doing funny shit. Today is one of those opportunities. We'd like to introduce you to The Hockey Card Show. Somehow I started following these guys on Twitter awhile back and had never seen their show. I have now. And you should too.

The premise is simple. Justin and Darren (aka: Dink) sit in a comfortable looking basement on a leather couch in front of a framed Doug Gilmour Leafs jersey. They crack open alcohol and packs of hockey cards. They drink. They talk about the players on the cards. They chew decade-old gum. The more they drink, the more they curse and make jokes and generally enjoy themselves. It's exactly what we're looking for in the.... OFFICIAL ST. LOUIS GAME TIME VIDEO INTERNET SHOW. We've adopted The Hockey Card Show as OUR video thing. They're our style, our language and our passion for the game. Warning: Dink is a Red Wings fan. Don't hold it against him.

Let me show you what I'm talking about. The show below was done on a live streaming Web site where they could interact with viewers and see their comments real time. Others are just straight recorded.

See, just our style. As Gallagher said, if we were to attempt a podcast or a video thing, it would be a lot like this with all the drinking and cursing and shit. And it was kind of surprising to us that more people weren't watching them. For instance, they had a good time celebrating the Olympic hockey gold medal. Did I mention they're Canadian?

So when there's a new show, we'll link it up. When there's a streaming event happening, we'll remind you. There is audience participation. Hopefully some of our crew will stop by and liven up the show. It's a match made over the Internet.

Join me in welcoming Justin and Dink to the Game Time family. I've invited them to stop by and say hello when they have a chance.