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Sunday Links: Blanking on headline ideas edition

Sometimes the headline comes to me before I plug in the links. Other times, I write the links and a headline emerges. And then there's times like these. Meh, let's just get to the links already.

Blues News:

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Time for a classic. And I love me some Carnac.

And since we're nearing the end, come up with your best "Carnac" bit concerning the end of the season, what the offseason holds, or give shit to Detroit and Chicago. Your hilarity in the comments.

There's no way we can blow it against the Oilers right? Right? *Flies out to California, knocks on a redwood, flies back* Right?

Prospect Sundays and the GDT follow the links.

Averagejoe will have your linky goodness on Monday. Send Weekday Dad your finds at gametimelinks (at)