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St. Louis Blues Trade Yan Stastny To Vancouver Canucks

TSN has just confirmed that Yan Stastny has been traded to the Vancouver Canucks. The Blues get Cedric Labrie.

Of course Stastny has spent most of his career in the AHL. Darren Pang says he loves him because he still uses an all wooden stick. Excelsior. 

More coming...

UPDATED: So the older brother of Paul Stastny is now 27 and only has 91 NHL games under his belt with 16 career points. He was acquired late in the 2007-08 season, around the same time the Blues traded for Cam Janssen. The relationship: both attended high school in St. Louis. At the time it kind of seemed like the Blues were making up for the fact that they passed on Paul Stastny. And since that time they've drafted goaltender Ben Bishop and forward Phillip McCrae, both from St. Louis. 

Of course it would have been nice if Yan Stastny. 

Hockey's future actually calls the player the Blues got Pierre-Cedric Labrie. Good Western Canadian name, right? 

Here's what they said about monsieur Labrie:

Talent Analysis

Labrie is a big, physical player who is effective when parked in front of the net collecting rebounds, deflecting the puck and creating a screen.  He knows where he's expected to be in the offensive zone which can make him an effective player on the cycle.   
His most glaring weakness is his skating.  While his direction-changing and turning isn't too bad, he's extremely slow at this point and also needs to work on his conditioning. 



Labrie had a surprisingly effective first season as a pro but expectations must be tempered.  Labrie’s limited skating will prevent him from ever being more than a role player at any level.

So the Blues have traded for two players and both have gotten labeled by some observers as "role players." Sweet. Thankfully the Blues sent out the letter announcing ticket increases LAST WEEK.