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Tuesday links: If you can't get up for a Blackhawks game, go watch spring baseball edition

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The Blackhawks are in town. I believe a loss would mathematically make it impossible for the Blues to sneak into the playoffs. No pressure, boys.

Blues news


  • Blues host the Blackhawks tonight. Chicago is not playing well, but that hardly matters. [Sporting News]
  • Patrik Berglund apologizes for being too hungover ... I mean sleeping in. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • The Blues defense, despite having a million pieces, is a work in progress. [STLtoday]
  • I'm really confused by this whole Keith Tkachuk situation. He's never come out and said that he's done, but everyone is saying he is. [Edmonton Journal]


Hockey news


  • Panic? In Chicago? I've never heard such a thing. [Second City Hockey]
  • Groupthink in hockey. This gave me horrible flashbacks to Communication Theory classes in college. If only my professor had related Comm Theory to pucks, I wouldn't have gotten a C in the class. OK I probably still would have gotten a C since I didn't study. [The Copper & Blue]
  • Lee Stempniak is loving life in the desert. [USA Today]
  • Ice Edge Holdings says hes on track to purchase the Coyotes. [TSN]
  • The NHL says the Coyotes are not moving to Winnipeg or anywhere else ... yet. [ESPN]
  • Mike Ribeiro pulls a Berglund, get the Berglund treatment. [ESPN]
  • The Johnstown Chiefs, the "Slap Shot" team, are actually moving. [ESPN]
  • Scores. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Schedule. [Yahoo! Sports]


Other links




Blues vs. Blackhawks means one thing: angry Ed Belfour. BLEARG!

Don't fuck with Buzz Aldrin.

The video well is drying up — hook a brother up.