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Blues Keep Chicago Slumping

During a season such as this, it's easy to forget how fun it is to be in the building when the Blues win. Especially when they beat a hated rival like the Blackhawks. And while the Blues controlled the pace through much of the latter half of the game, we've all been fooled before this season: even with two minutes to play and a two goal lead, I was worried.

Although the Blues were unable to get the always fun empty net goal and were unsuccessful in feeding Alex Steen for the empty net hat trick, they did what they have had a hard time doing all year at home and closed out a good team. The best part was giving us the opportunity to wish the red-clad departing sad faces, "a nice trip back to Schaumburg."

Good times.

Quick hits for your discussion:

  • The Blues are now six points out of the playoffs with six games to go, so that was a big win. Not that I really believe they can pull off the miracle run, but it is still possible, especially with the Avalanche going suddenly cold. Are you a believer or is your playoff money still in your bank account?
  • Chris Mason had as solid a game in net as he has had all season (although I wasn't in the building yet for the first goal, so I don't know if that was his the one that hit his softie quota for the night). That said, I'm not about to be tricked into switching my stance from "We need a legitimate starting goalie" to "Maybe we should bring back Mason." What camp are you in?
  • This rivalry is always fun. I saw a guy in the stands just razzing the shit out of some Blackhawks fans and then take it like a man when they celebrated in his face after their goals. He got the last laugh, of course, which he celebrated with a far-too-graphic depiction of himself jacking it to completion and then steering the product onto the Hawk fans. Too their credit, they just laughed and tipped their beers to him. Points for creativity, I suppose. Is this your favorite fan rivalry or do you like Red Wings games more?
  • Alexander Steen has gone white hot and should be a no-brainer re-signing. Disagree with me at your own peril.
  • T.J. Oshie and David Backes on a line has been great to watch. Tonight it was Steen on the other wing, but they were great with Paul Kariya there too. I can't think of a single question to posit to you here other than, how badass is that combination?
  • Erik Johnson's decision to break in from the point, resulting in the last goal was exactly why he was drafted first overall. So, you all done saying the Blues should have drafted Kessel or Backstrom or Toews instead, or will it take more from him?

Add your own observations in the comments and feel free to bask in the knowledge that some douche is driving home right now with a headdress crumpled up in his passanger seat.

Nashville up next on Thursday and they've had the Blues' number all year, just like the Hawks. Can they keep the streak going?