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Wednesday links: If Alex Steen keeps this up, we're going to have to ease up on the nose jokes edition

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For the record, my first hate was the Blackhawks — it's always good to see them lose.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • The Blues are not among the best faceoff teams in the last decade-plus. [Behind The Net]
  • Jonathan Toews is a little piggy, oink, oink, oink. [Puck Daddy]
  • First it was Patrik Berglund. Then it was Mike Ribeiro. Now, add Canucks d-man Shane O'Brien to the list of guys who have missed practice. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Hey ... what was O'Brien doing? Oh, partying. [Deadspin]
  • Kris Letang can afford to change his name to a normal spelling after signing a hefty extension. [ESPN]
  • Dan Carcillo gets two games at home, without pay. [ESPN]
  • Josh Harding is broken. [ESPN]
  • Results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Schedule. [Yahoo! Sports]

Other links

I asked for videos and the great Carnie answered.

These kids, while seemingly French, are still pretty cool.

More after the jump.

Carnie says this guy is either a baller or a jackass. I vote baller — fuck kids, although not literally. That will get you arrested — kinda like my old high school janitor, Talbot. Wait, where was I? Oh right, a video.

More from Carnage tomorrow.

This one is from me: this guy is awesome.

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