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Blues @ Snowy Landslides GDT

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Here's what I remember from last year's mad dash to the playoffs.

"Woooo! Blues win! Now they're only one point out of the post season. Oh, so close."

(Next night, when the Blues don't play.)

"Crap. Two teams the Blues didn't want to win, won. Well the Blues play tomorrow. They'll get it back."

"Woooo! Blues win!"

Rinse. Repeat.

So on Thursday the Blues had an impressive 6-1 win at Dallas. It put St. Louis just one point behind Detroit for the eighth and final playoff spot, tied with Calgary. Then last night Detroit and Calgary both won. The crappy part is that they've all played the same number of games, so the Blues can't rely on the old, "We've got three games in hand. No worries" trick. So that's the situation, Blues in 10th place, two out of ninth and three out of eighth. It's maddening.

I don't want to talk about how the Blues often struggle in Colorado. Or how the Avalanches actually made a trade to help them down the stretch. All I know is that the Bleus need a win, ti doesn't really matter at this point if it's overtime or the skills competition. A win is a win is a win. No pressure, boys. And Brad Boyes, we could use you scoring again.

That's it. Not much to get confused about. The scoreboard is about the only thing that matters. You inglorious bastards, this is your game day thread. Don't be afraid to crack some motherfucking eggs to make a motherfucking omelet.