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Monday links: Not wanting to go back to work after a nice weekend edition

Not much going on in the world today. Enjoy the short links.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • The standings show the Blues have a lot of work to do. []
  • Sunday's results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Just two games on the schedule for today. Game for the Blues: Washington over Dallas. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Marc Savard has a concussion after a brutal hit that's being called dirty by some and clean by others. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Being a fan is not always fun. [Bird Watchers Anonymous]
  • The NHL wants to end headshots. [TSN]
  • Manny Legace is still alive, and he just got a shutout. [ESPN]
  • Maybe we should send Canada a "Thank You" note if the Wings don't make the playoffs. [ESPN]

Other links

  • People get stuck in interesting situations. Sorry, that should say stupid people get stuck in interesting situations. [Sloshspot]
  • I really want to know where this sign exists ... so I can avoid it. [Oddly Specific ]
  • Missed the Oscars? Now you're filed in. [Oscars]


The Oscars were last night. This is type of movie that usually wins.