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The Late Night Poll: Who Wants A Podcast?

So, around the Nation known as SportsBlogs (but we're not really blogs, we're more professional, no we're not, yes we are, but professionals are dying, no they're not, yes and we're better anyway, no we're not, yes we kinda could be and yes we really are, um no we're not just accept what you are, I will do no such thing because I'm more important than you are and of course the main stream media, why don't you just get comfortable in your own skin and be who you are rather than worrying about the main stream, because this is what I cling to, okay I get that but really just go entertain people and everything else will follow, I don't get it), there is a movement afoot to consolidate a list of sites that also have associated podcasts.

We, of course, do not have a podcast, though we've been asked to do them before. Now that we've heard a few and know that our favorite one ever was about 90 minutes too long and has as its greatest moment the host uttering under his breath, "oh my god," we want to do one.

Which brings us to tonight's poll: