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A Little Housecleaning: Changes to the GT Site

Before I get down to the nitty and/or gritty, let me first announce that the changes that are coming to this website effective immediately will have absolutely no impact on the Game Time magazine that is available before all home games. We are not subject to any administrative or editorial control with the print version (other than my own shaky-at-best version of management) and so we will continue to provide the content there exactly as you've come to enjoy it.

However, it is with some hesitance that I need to announce that there will be some immediate and obvious changes on this site. Due to pressure from our dark overlords about our editorial content and the potential for legal action that has arisen, we will institute a new set of rules. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Editorial stories printed by the Game Time staff will no longer use profanity and will refrain from being sexually suggestive in nature. This includes and obviously satirical posts, columns or jokes, many of which will have to be scaled back.
  2. FanShots or FanPosts that are published by the loyal readers of Game Time will now be edited by the Game Time staff. Any profanity will be omitted and content will be altered to avoid any offensive commentary.
  3. Any "off topic" FanShots or fanPosts will be deleted. These can and will be used only to talk about the St. Louis Blues. Anything that is not directly related to the team we cover will be deleted.
  4. The Game Time staff will monitor and delete any comments in any story, FanPost, FanShot or GDT that contain any profanity or any inappropriate commentary. Anyone who discusses any "off topic" issues will be warned that it is no longer acceptable to talk about those issues. Continued offensive or off topic conversation will result in you being banned from the site for one week and a subsequent Probationary Period will be assigned to your account. Continued bad behavior will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The fact of the matter, folks, is that we have entered into a contract with SBN and for over a year now they have allowed us to bend and break many of their standard Policies and Good Practices. Effective immediately, we have been told to adhere to all of the denoted rules or we face legal action. As the Game Time Defense Fund has been attrited down to near zero over the last few months (thanks a lot, Brad Lee), we have no recourse other than to toe the company line.

We look forward to continuing to bring you straighforward Blues coverage and commentary and we hope that we can count on your loyalty to overcome this latest hurdle and sincerely hope that you will stay with us.

Thank you,