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Blues @ Country Music Singing Extinct Animals GDT

I hope you at least got a chuckle from all of the shenanigans today. But now it's time for serious shit.

As many times as we've written off the Blues, they keep alive in the playoff race. Three wins in a row combined with a massive choke job by the Colorado Avalanche and the Blues enter tonight's game six points out of eighth. And anyone who talks about how Calgary keeps winning and being four points ahead of the Blues is just a killjoy. Or trying to pull more...shenanigans. Love that word.

Tonight the Blues travel to Sequins City. Tune up your steel guitars, it's a road game in Nashville against the Predators, the second place team in the Central Division. If the Blues keep winning, we keep talking about a possible miracle in the making. They lose, and the sky falls.

No shenanigans.

This is your game day thread. Comment like eighth place depends on it.