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Your Not That Late Night Poll.

Normally (well, semi-normally) I'd put up a post-game wrap of some sort here, about now. Honestly, I was in a bar and saw exactly zero minutes of the game. My phone updates told me that the Blues gave up a goal with four seconds left in a period, which, in my professional opinion, sucks. My phone also told me that Alex Steen scored another goal for a team-leading 24. Don't get me wrong, because I nose a potential scoring winger when I sees one, and I think Steen is just getting his career going, but the team's leading scorer having only 24 is a damn embarrassment.

So rather than pretend I saw some shit I didn't see and know some shit I clearly don't know, let's skip that and do a poll.

As you might have noticed, Game Time loves April Fools Day. We did a whole fake-ass print issue once when the home game fell on April 1. This year all the props go to averagejoe, who made us focus a few days ago and got us to try to, well, fuck with you all for the whole day today.

So, the poll has to do with the day and I hope that you'll let us know in the comments what the best April Fools joke you ever pulled or had pulled on you was.

For me it's a little bittersweet, because I once called my mom from home to tell her that the cops were at the house because dad had been badly hurt in a car wreck. She fell for it and it things were way crazy for a few minutes before I let her off the hook. The downside was that, unbeknownst to me, dad had died in a car wreck earlier that day and we just had not been notified yet.

Oh Henry!

By the way, did I get you on that one too, April Fools?