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Saturday Links: 81 down, 1 to go edition

After a whirlwind of events that saw a game with a furious 3rd period comeback, a Keith Tkachuk tribute, and all manner of jerseys and prizes being handed out during and after, the Blues look to close out the season with a W in Nashville.

And thanks to you, Walt. Real men score goals with their faces.

Blues/Tkachuk News:

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


A round of applesauce for Lars Eller, getting us on the board with a sweet tip-in. I'd do something for Jonas, but I don't know any memorable movie characters named Jonas. However, I loved watching Heavyweights as a kid (and still do). So yeah.


And the last shift and Walt tribute that ensued

We'll see you tonight for the last GDT of the season. It's been a helluva run.

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