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New Prospect Sundays Schedule

For those of you wondering where the usual Prospect Sunday updates are this morning, please be advised that -- at the suggestion of our esteemed publisher -- Prospect Sundays is being revamped slightly.

No longer will there be multiple updates posted within 15 minutes of each other; rather, the updates will be spread out over the course of the day in order to allow more time for individual perusal and comment of each article.

The schedule will be, basically, as follows:

** Statistical Update (Forwards and Defense/Goalies) in the 10:00 and 11:00 hours.

** Prospect Playoff Update in the 1:00 hour.

** "Trending Up" in the 4:00 hour.

There may also be additional articles, etc. posted throughout the day... possibly as FanPosts or FanShots, possibly as front page articles.

I hope this new schedule meets with everyone's approval, and my thanks to all who have made Prospect Sundays a part of their weekend routine.

Brian Weidler

Your "Game Time" Prospect Department.