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Wednesday links: Removing the interim tag from these links edition

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Keith Tkachuk is gone, Davis Payne stays and other news that you already know coming up ... now!

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Alexander Semin wants to get finished quickly. [Japers' Rink]
  • Hockey and cartoons are a great pair. Read this. [Battle of California]
  • Ryan Getzlaf wants you to know he doesn't suck, he was just hurt. [TSN]
  • The Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery. The Maple Leafs won the second pick, but have already traded that for Phil Kessel. [TSN]
  • The NHL is cracking down on pregame shenanigans. [TSN]
  • Coyotes news. I don't care anymore. [TSN]
  • Rangers coach John Tortorella wants to see some players leave. [ESPN New York]
  • Former Blue Brent Johnson will remain in Pittsburgh next season. [ESPN]


Other links

  • This site is like tearing post-it notes. Click and drag to see the pretty colors. [color flip]
  • This trophy is really not worth winning. [Total Pro Sports]
  • Need to make your car more bad ass? Get a carstache. [Carstache]


A man, a shotgun and a talking van. This spoof of bad 80s TV is little long, but pretty funny. Warning: Lot of blood (obviously fake).