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Thursday links: Busy day for Davis Payne — tax day and a new full-time gig edition

Davis Payne needs a beard or something so I can stop making accountant jokes.

Blues links

Hockey news

  • Throw the Snake has hit it big. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Wayne Gretzky chatted with the Blueshirt Banter Web site. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Scores and schedules. [TSN]
  • Brian Burke talks about everything which is always a delight. [TSN]
  • The trend in the NHL is to hire young coaches ... like Davis Payne. [TSN]
  • Changes in Atlanta. John Anderson is out and so is GM Don Waddell. Kinda. [TSN]
  • I'm shocked that Alex Ovechkin is the top Russian player. [TSN]
  • Barry Melrose is a hairy, hairy man. [The Sports Hernia Blog]
  • James Mirtle, the former boss man of SBNation hockey and a man who I told to vote for Jay McClement for the Selke award on Twitter, took some old coots job. The old coot isn't happy. Old coot is jealous. [Deadspin]

Other links

  • I love the internet: Sex offenders who look like famous people is pretty awesome. [Sex Offenders Who Look Like Celebrities]
  • R-rated kid shows are pretty enjoyable. Bert and Ernie swearing will never stop being funny. [Unreality]
  • Like Jeopardy? Here are more than 190,000 clues. Have fun. [J! Archive]
  • As far as soda's go, I'm just a Coke man. Apparently, there are many, many other options. [Web Urbanist]


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