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Late Night Pizzole: Poozle, Sugar Gliders And Other Nonsense.

A couple years ago Bradley Leigh Lee and I had a conversation about the strangely growing popularity of Game Time. No matter how hard we tried to be annoying and vulgar and virtually crybaby passionate, other people kept finding the site and commenting.

Cool, yet confusing. We kind of thought we were just writing, as we still call it, "Jokes For Two."

At some point we thought that maybe we should write a guide for new people as to what all the weird deep references meant. In the end, we decided not to do that. For one, it seems wildly self-fellating to write a "here's why we're funny and quirky" post and for seconds, it's part of the fun of joining this site to learn what all the deep references meant. I, for one, never wanted to have the insiders' handbook just given to me when I met a new group or joined a new club. Learning for yourself is a great way to earn your stripes and to prove your dedication to everyone else in the group, right?

All that said, what's the weirdest GT reference that you made up, love, just learned or still don't understand?