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Monday links: No idea for a headline edition

Sorry SBNation overlords, my headline writing skills are taking a little vacation.

Blues news

Keith Tkachuk chats. [Slam! Sports]

Hockey news

  • From "Grandma": Video of the high school State Championship game played 21 years later. [CBS News Video]
  • Mike Legg and friends talk about his greatest goal. Don't know Legg? He played for Michigan and scored one of the greatest goals of all time. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of Legg, he is still inspring players, even those in the Swiss League. [Puck Daddy]
  • Taylor Pyatt talks about the death of his fiance for the first time. Watch the video on the right-hand side. [TSN]
  • This Caps/Habs series is pretty fun. [TSN]
  • Mike Modano is on the fence about retiring. Really? After the way he went out? [TSN]
  • Blackhawks shutout the Preds on Sunday. [ESPN]
  • In overtime, the Flyers beat the Devils. [ESPN]
  • Sidney Crosby beats the Senators. [TSN]
  • The Coyotes are up 2-1 on the Wings. Good. [TSN]
  • Marc Bergevin smiles: The Sharks lose on an pseudo-own goal. [ESPN]

Other links

  • According to this chart, Mike Weaver was very trustworthy. My beard best resembles the Crosby so ... yeah. [Image]
  • Buttons. Push and enjoy. [Instants! Collection]
  • Some pretty awesome detention slips. My mother is an elementary school secretary, and she has some awesome stories. [Huffington Post]


Saturday Night Live parodied my favorite song/video of 2010. I hope you enjoy how similar this parody is to ICP's actual song.

From Childhood Trauma — A funny PSA.