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Friday links: No fooling in this edition edition

Yesterday sure was fun — well outside of the Blues losing. No messed up links today, and no trips to the Yzerman video. Promise.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • The Nashville Predators get some love. Nothing like a little salt in the wound. [ESPN]
  • I'm shocked that Patrick Lalime won 200 NHL games. The dude won FOUR games in St. Louis and was flat-out awful. [Die By the Blade]
  • According to ESPN, good news for Phoenix. Two lease proposals for the Phoenix Coyotes given to the Glendale City Council earlier this week were approved. [ESPN]
  • Mike Modano is waffling about his future. [ESPN]
  • This isn't political, but why should the President have to go to a hockey game. He's not a puckhead, so what. Elect Joe in 2020, and I'll be happy to go to hockey games. [TSN Column]
  • The Islanders had lost 15 straight to the Flyers prior to Thursday. [TSN]
  • Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, who are always linked, are facing off in the OHL playoffs. [TSN]
  • Tomas Kaberle says he doesn't hate his coach. Good to know. [TSN]
  • Scores.[Yahoo! Sports]
  • Games. [Yahoo! Sports]

Other links

  • A man tried to kill himself by shoving a cucumber up his ass. There is no joke here. [The Sun]
  • A guide to all the April Fools' Day stuff around the Web. [April Fools' Day]
  • Some people can't just give two weeks notice and leave a job. [Ego TV]
  • Old Spice has some bad ass commercials. [Warming Glow]


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