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Video Friday: Begin, End With The Hockey Card Show


I bet you thought we had given up the ghost on this website. Well we haven't. It's just hard to be a little motivated when our team is golfing and not skating. Trust me when I say we have ideas. We do. You'll see them. Eventually.

But until then, we're going to share some video fun. We've got three video features on tap today. The first is episode 68 of the The Hockey Card Show. Viewer Discretion Is Advised: Apparently they shot this one at Dink's house. And he apparently bought his home decor at the Red Wings Team Store. Or on ebay from unemployed Detroit residents who had to sell their Red Wings crap for Vienna sausages and off-brand catsup. You've been warned.

Then this afternoon around lunch we'll have the latest episode from our friends at Joe Sports Fan. It's the Garth Butcher episode. Stay on the lookout for that.

Then tonight, it's a live episode of The Hockey Card Show. And this is how we got on board with Justin and Dink. If you register, you can chat live with them, suggest taking shots, make fun of the Wings or the Leafs or whatever. It's truly interactive. And addictive. Trust me. It's a scene, man. We'll have a reminder, but go to their Ustream feed during the second intermission of the Caps/Canadiens game tonight and that's when the fun will hit the fan.

Alright. Here's the latest show from our friends in Ontario. Come back for the Joe Sports Fan guys and then for the live The Hockey Card Show. And don't say we're taking the offseason off. At least the entire offseason.