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Monday links: Back to work after a rainy weekend edition

I spent four hours Saturday standing in the rain watching soccer. What do everyone else do?

Blues news

  • Project Mayhem idea from medel19: Vote for the Blues. Now. I mean, the logo is going up against the Red Wings logo. We can't let the Blues lose. [icethetics]
  • Chris Palmer, the athletic trainer for the Peoria Rivermen, has had an interesting career. By the way, the PJ Star is going to get hate mail for calling Palmer a trainer in the headline. Those athletic trainers are very, very picky about their titles. [Peoria Journal Star]

Hockey news

  • Thomas Vanek will decide if he suits up for Game 6. [ESPN]
  • Marian Hossa gets a free pass. [ESPN Chicago]
  • The Lighthouse Project, PR and you. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • The Coyotes and Red Wings are going to a Game 7. [TSN]
  • Kings are done — the Canucks ousted LA. [TSN]
  • Wayne Simmonds and Drew Doughty are no longer playing in the NHL, but they hope to play in the Worlds. [TSN]

Other links

  • Imagine the shenanigans you could pull in this shirt. [Deez Teez]
  • If you think a team is only as powerful as its mascot, you'll enjoy this site. [College Mascot Fight]
  • Some beers are more powerful than others. Here at the strongest beers of 2010. [The Beer Snob]
  • Who knew volcanoes could be so funny?[Urlesque]


First up, enjoy some William Shatner and the best soprano 23-year-old man you'll ever hear sing.

Next up, a peak inside the mind of Childhood Trauma. He said Sunday's video — "Apache" — reminded him of "Dog Police."

Come back for more tomorrow. Maybe later today, who knows what's gonna happen — it's the summer.