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Saturday Links: Feigning Optimism Edition

We can still make it! We just need a little bit ton of help.

And a favor.

And a miracle.

Blues News:

  • We've got a couple reactions from Mason's comments. First up is the Post-Dispatch.
  • Next up is the Globe-Democrat
  • And we face Dallas tonight in a game that doesn't mean near as much given the blown 2 goal lead from the Nashville game. And arrive early if you want to see what Paul Kariya looks like in a suit before he sits out another game with an injury. He scored his 400th goal recently, y'know.
  • 7PM start tonight. Just sayin'.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


The commenters sure do come through when you need video help.

First from Carnie, a well-edited blooper reel with a different sound track.

And then there's this one from Liut!. done by schoolkids.

Enjoy your Saturday. Hopefully we'll see you for the GDT.

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