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Take Your (Dall)ass Back To Texas: Blues Beat Stars

While the Blues' two points put them just four points back from the eighth playoff seed, they also dinged the Dallas Stars tonight, pushing them to the very brink of elimination at five points back and three games remaining. Take that, Steve Ott. In fact, before being able to check the standings, I knew that the Stars were in big trouble after the loss because Mike Ribiero was just skating around in his own end bent over with his stick across his knees after the horn sounded, looking at the celebrating Blues fans through the glass. That just isn't something you normally see.

As for the Blues the four points back only makes for more and more wistful text messages sent to my phone:

"If they'd won Thursday, they'd only be 2 points out. Ugg."

"Win just 5 more games at home this year and your're solidly in."

"Can you pick me up? I just vomited from victory."

I love text messages.

Blues play again Monday so I have a program to work on and some beezos to drinko, so here are some other bullet points for you all to discuss:

  • Chris Mason was awesome tonight. This changes nothing for me: I still want a bonafide number one goalie to be acquired this summer. Mason is supposed to have awesome games from time to time because he's an awesome back-up.
  • Carlo Colaiacovo, if you listen to the conventional wisdom, will not be brought back by the Blues. I will continue to watch him if he leaves, but I hope he stays. The guy is finding his game, just like fellow trade-mate Alexander Steen. I think he's only going to get better too. Plus, his rolling around on the ice goal celebration was nothing short of bizarre and exciting.
  • There are a ton of people who are rightly on the David Backes and/or T.J. Oshie fanclub bandwagon. Count me among those people. But I'm also becoming a huge Roman Polak guy. As Ivory Christian from Friday Night Lights would tell you, he's fast, big, dirty and he's fast. The guy is getting better and better and he's already playing 20 minutes a night. Also, he's only 23 years old.

That's all I got, so I'll let Carlo and the Teej take it from here. As a teaser, Carlo thinks the Blues have problems in the third period and Teejers' Spider Meeting hairdo is starting to grow out a bit. You're welcome, ladies.