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Sunday Links: Maybe a little bit of actual optimism edition

Alright, alright. 4 points is way more possible than 6 given our time frame.

Hell, let's see what we've got.

Blues News:

NHL News:

  • Who to ask about the hitting from behind problem? Why none other than Prince Truculence himself!
  • "Hell, I could shoot better at intermission than this bum!" Actually, you probably couldn't. This guy really won the car.
  • Standngs. 4 points out. It's gonna be close.
  • Scores.
  • Schedule. It helps us if the San Jose and the Hawks win. I know, I know, I'm not happy about it either.

Other Stuff:


And since he scored a clutch go ahead goal late in the season, let's give Carlo a spin in the video feature. Re-sign him and make room for him somehow! (easier said than done)

A couple big hits from his Toronto days.

First, Bill Guerin

Second, Todd Bertuzzi (felon)

Third, a good old fashioned slugfest brought to you in the comments by Russkidan.


That's all I can find. Sorry it's short. I plan on looking around again tomorrow afternoon to see if there's anything else out there.

Otherwise, enjoy Prospect Sundays and enjoy the linkage stylings of DJ Averagejoe for Monday to Friday.

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