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No Postseason For The St. Louis Blues

For the second year in a row, the Vancouver Canucks ended the season for the St. Louis Blues. This time it was a little more indirectly.

Tuesday night the Canucks tried to pull the comeback against Colorado, the team in eighth place in the Western Conference. The Canucks tied it 3-3 in the final minutes of the third period, but couldn't convert some golden chances in overtime or solve the Avalanche in the shootout. And without playing a game, without lacing the skates or being even close to a hockey rink, the Blues were mathematically eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs by a Colorado shootout win. 

It's hard to say the outcome to this season is really that disappointing. We saw this coming weeks ago. A coaching change, new line combination, trying to ride the hot goaltender -- none of it worked. Sure the Blues would look dangerous for a game or three. And then they'd travel to Colorado and get killed. I think I got over my disappointment awile ago.

Simply put, players on the Blues can only blame themselves. Their inability to close out games, play consistent at home and struggles scoring goals were too much for this team to overcome after the team languished low in the standings most of the year.

This post isn't about informing you the playoffs are out of reach. I'd gamble you knew that before you clicked on us. No, this post is for you to vent. Let 'em rip in the comments. What games were keys to the season? Which players are to blame? Did the front office really do anything to help this team all season?

Part of me is relieved the charade is over. Part of me was hoping that final home game on Friday might actually have some drama attached to it. 

And the playoff streak ends at one...