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Ducks At Keith Tkachuk's Last Home Game GDT

Last night during the Dallas Stars' last home game, they played a message from Mike Modano telling fans thanks for the support this season. It led to an impromptu standing ovation and the longtime Star shedding some tears as the game paused and the arena focused on him and his impending retirement. I have to admit, I've respected Modano but never really liked him because he's played pretty well against St. Louis -- and I got chills watching it.

Expect even more tonight.

We broke down this week that it's a mixed bag with Keith Tkachuk, but you have to hand it to the toothless old bastard that he's dedicated himself to this team and this city. And as he told Jeremy Rutherford, "I’ve been here for nine or 10 years, it’s going to be my home forever. My kids enjoy it, my wife enjoys it. It’s my home now. I never thought I’d live in Missouri, growing up in Boston, but that’s what we’re going to do." I'd say that's pretty cool.

Injuries are mounting. Barret Jackman, Patrik Berglund and Roman Polak have been shutdown for the final two games. T.J. Oshie will not dress tonight. Youngsters Lars Eller and Jonas Junland will be in the lineup.

it's the Ducks. It's the Blues. Absolutely nothing is on the line but pride and some gratitude for one of the best power forwards and best American-born players in the league as he gets ready to call it a career. Comment like the playoffs weren't a dream gone bad. This is your game day thread, fuck it up.