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No Wrap-Up Tonight, Just Tkachuk Talk

Winning is more fun than losing and big wins are always a blast, but tonight was about Keith Tkachuk's final NHL game in St. Louis and the fans got exactly what we wanted: the opportunity say thanks to No. 7.

There was lots of talk about Tkachuk's Hall of Fame resume tonight and I even heard people discussing whether or not his number should be retired. I'll let you all set the tone on those discussions in the comments, but here are his numbers:

NHL Stats:

  • Over 1,200 NHL games played
  • 538 NHL goals
  • 1,065 points
  • Over 2,200 PIM
  • One of only seven NHLers to score over 1,000 points and total over 2,000 PIM

Blues Ranks:

  • Fifth all-time with 208 goals as a Blue
  • Seventh all-time with 427 points as a Blue
  • Fourth all-time with 96 power play goals as a Blue
  • Seventh all-time with 28 game-winning goals as a Blue

In your opinion, what's his legacy in St. Louis?