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Sunday links: Nothing going on edition

Nothing is going on. No Blues, no NHL so short links today. What? It's supposed to be my day off. Leave me alone.

Blues news

Not a thing. Besides the Keith Tkachuk story gallagher linked to yesterday.

Hockey news

  • Alex Ovechkin is scoring goals in games that don't really count. [ESPN]
  • Some Olympic friends are now NHL foes. [ESPN]
  • A long Stanley Cup drought is going to end this season. Only the Canadiens have won the Cup in my lifetime — 1993. [TSN]
  • Hal Gill is a smart man: "It's easy to hate the Flyers."[TSN]

Other links

  • Six great outdoor drinking games. I'll add No. 7 to the list: Stakes. Here's how you play: You take two teams of two people, two beer bottles, two stakes and a Frisbee. The stakes are like fence posts or the polls that signs are on. Really any kinda poll that you can balance a beer bottle on. You take turns throwing the Frisbee trying to knock the bottle off the stake. If the bottle hits the ground, that's two points. If the Frisbee is catchable and hits the ground at any time, that's a point. First to 21 wins. You must have a beer in your hand at all times. You drink for every point and if you spill, you lose and have to finish your drink. [COED Magazine]
  • Some really crappy action figures. [Super Tremedous]
  • A collection of interesting twitter accounts. No love for Brad Lee? [The Toy Zone]


J-Mill wants to continue the man theme we seem to have going on around here. Enjoy.


haveblue has a pretty sweet video to share with the rest of the class. This dude rides his bike better than i do anything.

Poor College Student is working the Monday shift. gametimelinks(at)

Prospect Sunday is ... NEXT (in a few hours).