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Tuesday links: A Duke golfer liking the Blues qualifies as news this time of the year edition

Gooooood morning, friends. Thanks to PCS for taking the reins yesterday, but today you're all stuck with me — so let's sit back, click stuff and give me a pity laugh for my "hilarous" one-liners.

Blues news

  • The PD wonders how the Blackhawks got so much better than the Blues. It's really easy: They have young guys who can score, the Blues have young guys who play D. [StlToday]
  • Adam Long is a golfer for Duke. He likes the Blues. This is news in the offseason. [Duke]
  • The Rivermen are going all Benjamin Button. The team is expected to be younger next season. [Peoria Journal Star]

Hockey news

  • A look at the Blackhawks that warms the cockles of my heart. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Wild fans love Owen Nolan? Really? HW looks at who the Wilds should keep and who should be let go. [Hockey Wildernes]
  • Pierre McGurie is a candidate for the Lightning GM job. Everyone not in Tampa hopes he gets the job so he gets off TV. [Raw Charge]
  • Michael Leighton has had a long trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. [TSN]
  • Mike Grier is staying in Buffalo. [TSN]
  • Nicklas Backstrom just got paid. Gotta love long-term deals. Except you can't predict the future and Backstrom could always turn into a pumpkin. [TSN]
  • The man who built (and put them into Cap Hell) the Blackhawks is set to run the Panthers. [TSN]
  • Lars Eller has been great for Denmark. [ESPN]

Other links

  • If I knew anyone who used this site, I'd punch them in the face and make them give me $5. [Typed Tweet]
  • This picture is just wrong, but funny. []
  • Our parents are failures who didn't invent shit (besides all the stuff they did). [Holy Taco]



If SNL was all digital shorts, it would be awesome.

From the email of the man with many names — Tomorrows Blues, B etc. — comes a pretty funny news blooper. This dude goes from polished to raw in one bug.

That's it from me for today. Have a good one.