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Wednesday links: T.J. Oshie is a shootout star edition

This edition of the links is Duke golfer free.

Blues news

  • From Gallagher via Timothy Oshie: T.J. Oshie leads the States to a shootout victory. [ESPN]
  • I got really excited for this story ... until I read the word music. This is what I have to sift through everyday to bring you links. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Hockey news

  • A reason to like Ilya Kovalchuk and his sweet 1990s hair cut. Shaved under and long on top, bro? That's chill. [In Lou We Trust]
  • Zdeno Chara may need pinkie surgery. You think his pinkie is like the size of Mike Weaver? [ESPN]
  • If you're from Quebec, don't drive to Philly. [ESPN]
  • The Thrashers are going to interview Scott Arniel for their open coaching job. I originally misread this headline and thought his name was Moose Arniel. [TSN]
  • Dammit, Sharks. You beat the Wings, which was nice, but now you're shitting the bed against Chicago. Turn this series around now. [TSN]
  • Michael Leighton has been unreal for the Flyers. Philly is up 2-0 on the Habs. [TSN]

Other links

  • The Big Picture blog is one of my favorite sites on the tubes. This site is its companion site, and it is also great — for different reasons. [The Big Caption]
  • Wanna sound like you're working without doing anything? There's a site for that. The only downside, you can't surf other sites with noise. [idlekeyboard]
  • A real-life working Batcycle? Yes please. [ComicsAlliance]


Dan, who I think I might know from my college days at Truman (softball?) gets points for reading comprehension. Yesterday I used the phrase "warms the cockles of my heart." Dan got the reference and wanted to share with the rest of the class.

Finally, we have something to add to Gallagher's "Joe really likes Ghostbusters" file. This is too awesome.

Adios, amigos.